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Help to convert Cheat Engine adresses to DC codebreakr codes

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 26, 2011 11:51 am   Post subject: Help to convert Cheat Engine adresses to DC codebreakr codes
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Hello, I started hacking Sonic Adventure 2 yesterday, and found out some common adresses like the one that controls the rings, lives etc...

I'm using Cheat Engine, and I run SA2 with demul. I own the real game, so nothing illegal here.

Anyway, I have no idea how to convert the CE adresses to CB codes, so I can use them on my Dreamcast (since the emulator is horrible...)

And in spite from that, another thing is really weird. See, I managed to locate the adress for the rings, and if I change the value, the number of rings ingame changes.
But it seems it doesn't work for a lot of adresses. The lives one for example. I set a value, but it doesn't change anything... If you look the value in cheat engine, it switches from the actual value to the one I set, like if it was trying to make it work, but couldn't......

Is there anyway to fix this ? It's really annoying... The level adress doesn't work either, I can't set a level value and play that level, it just do nothing <_<

I hope somebody will be able to help me with this, since it's Dreamcast and Cheat Engine.

To make things easier for you, I can give you some Cheat Engine adresses, and some CB codes I found :

Rings : - Cheat Engine : (Weird, there's two of them, but only the first one I'll give, seem to change the amount of rings (when its value is changed)) :
1st) : 0B217E50 + XXX (the value is in decimal, and is supposed to go to 999 so...) 2nd) 0B222FA4 + XXX

- CodeBreaker code : 010DB270 + 000003E7 (value for 999 rings)

Lives : - Cheat Engine : 0B222FC4 + XX (supposed to not go over 99)
- CodeBreaker code : 010DB26C + 00000004 (looks like it's set on always 4 lives...)

Character modifier : - Cheat Engine : 0B38BA4C + XX
- CodeBreaker code : 0124EE6C + 00000000 (0 for Sonic, 1 for Shadow, etc...)

Level modifier : - Cheat Engine : Now that's weird, there is two different adresses again, except none of them changes anything....
1st) 0B38BA48 + XX 2nd) 0B7542A0 + XX
-CodeBreaker code : 0124EE64 + 000000XX

CodeBreaker codes found here : ... dventure_2

Hope this helps. Thanks to anyone who'll help me with this !
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